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CC Active

CC Active

This insole is designed for support during sports and an active lifestyle. It has a stabilizing, dynamic, pressure-relieving effect and regulates torsional movements. Ideal for running, golf, tennis or football, but also in work shoes of any kind. Altogether, CC Active is the ideal insole and recommended for people who are on their feet 4+ hours a day and actively move.

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Based on 8 reviews
waiter's choice

Perfect companions when I work as a waiter in one of Maui's busiest restaurants. Less fatigue every night I get home and way less back pain! These little helpers make my workday so much better! And I use them in my running shoes too, easy to exchange between shoes.. just don't forget to put them back ;) These and the CC-Cordees are my absolute favourites!!

don't fit in all shoes

The insoles in my shoes are glued in so I can't remove the old ones to put these in. With the old ones, my feet don't fit in the shoes. But they do fit well in my running shoes

great addition

I got all of them, except for the carbon ones. CC active fits ultimately in my sport shoes (running shoes from Nike) and they feel great. Perfect upgrade!

Dylan Walter

They feel good but are expensive

Peter Z.
astonishing difference after a workday

Got them in my working shoes for Landscaping and they are a game changer. I feel much better after a hard day, the difference they make is actually astonishing

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- If needed, remove standard footbed before inserting the insole into the shoe.
- After use, occasionally remove the insole and air it.
- Clean with a damp cloth or rag.
- Never put on the heater for drying.
- In the first days after delivery, only wear the insole between 2 and 3 hours per day. Then gradually increase wearing time. After around 2 weeks, your feet get used to the insole and you can wear it all the time.


Shipping is expected to take between 4 to 6 weeks from order placement.