An outlook to what's next

Unlock unlimited possibilities with our configurator,
constructed for you to explore the world of Ylamog and to get creative.

Once you have ordered your first pair of Ylamog RAW, you will gain priority access to the configurator before its official release. It allows you to create your own slipper, from choosing materials to colours and accessoires.

It's up to you: elegant, sporty, fancy, colourful, or classy?
You decide what to wear.

Ylamog RAW leaning on stone in front of river

Our mission

We want to revolutionize the way people carry footwear, one step at a time.

Therefore, we aim to provide the best footwear solutions for every single one of our customers, without compromising high quality, longevity and sustainability.


Should you ever feel your Ylamogs worn down, just send them back.

In the meantime, we make sure to take care of the Ylamogs professionally. In most cases, the straps are still in excellent condition, we clean them professionally and sent to Cape Verde, where Constantin’s friends gift them a second life.