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Insoles are foot orthotics which are corrective, supporting, bedding and stimulating.
They have a direct influence on the feet and indirectly also on the knees, hips, pelvis, spine and head.
Standard insoles are usually inferior and only provide its user with a pleasant feeling in the first moments of trying them on. They should be replaced with high-quality personal insoles as soon as possible.

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Germany - world leader in orthopedics

In 1945, the German Orthopedic Society (DOG) was dissolved by the allied forces in defeated Germany. As the challenges at the time were tough to the many victims of the war, in 1947, an official refoundation of the DOG took place despite harsh conditions of the post-war period.

Until Germany's reunion in 1990, yearly conventions were held and today the OT World in Germany is the sector’s largest get-together and the world's most important meeting for all manufacturers, dealers and service providers in the field of modern medical aids and equipment.

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High quality - unique expertise

All our insoles are handmade in Germany, which is why we can guarantee the highest quality for your individual footwear.

Get to know the creators of our insoles, the Cordewener family, in the video below.