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Based on 30 years of medical experience in Germany, we handcraft premium orthotic insoles & flip flops for a healthier and happier life, step by step.


"We work on our body like a shaper on a surfboard all life long.

Only we use movement and consciousness instead of handsaw and planers."

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With German precision

Ylamog is the first slipper combining unique German orthopedic footwear technology with style. Applying the latest ground breaking foot scanning methods, our flip flops and insoles are handmade using German, high-end medical industry materials as every step matters.

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    Get scanned in Hawaii or use our partner app Xesto Fit. It takes 10 mins. Easy & quick!

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    Receive your custom footwear within 4 - 6 weeks. No matter where you order from.

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Be the change you want to see in the world

We combine year-long orthopedic knowledge, latest technology and Hawaiian-inspired lifestyle with love for our planet. For every purchase, we donate to our partner programs engaged in reforestation, waste disposal and protection of our oceans and wildlife.



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Custom orthotics provide cushioning and support as they redistribute the pressure your feet experience with everyday activities. They are very helpful if you have arthritis or you stand for significant periods during a workday. A perfect job for our CC Daily, but since individual preferences are crucial, for many people soft-bedding orthopedic insoles like our CC Cordee are the best everyday companion.


Custom orthotics are created to support your feet, so they keep the spine, hips and knees in proper alignment as you move and play. This helps your body work like it’s supposed to, lessening chances of injury. Our CC Active insoles perfectly bed your feet, also in solid work shoes.


Since custom orthotics can address major barriers like injuries, pain, spinal alignment issues, biomechanical problems, and foot anomalies, they’re the ultimate secret weapon in any athlete’s toolbox, next to training and practice. We combined the latest scientific findings with our know-how in our sports insole, CC Carbon - the result is an insole that redefines its limits.


Custom orthotics help prevent pressure ulcers and other foot abnormalities related to diabetes, which is recognizable by an elevated blood glucose level. The consequences include impairment of nerves and blood vessels in the feet: those affected hardly notice any pain, for example, if their footwear is too tight and injuries such as pressure sores occur. Foot malpositions are also consequences of nerve damage. Other symptoms include dryness, numbness, swelling, sores, stinging and burning.

Our soft bedding orthopedic insoles CC Cordee help to slow down such effects and provide comfort.