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"I love the flip flop lifestyle!

Born and raised in Germany, swimming and my Swiss passport allowed me to travel frequently. Since the birth of my son Almog in Maui, the island has become my constant destination. My first pair of flip flops, a gift by Marc, made me understand the value of custom orthotics especially in Hawaii, where excessive walking on flat concrete is the reality for many.

You deserve a pain-free life with enjoyable walking and I want everybody to feel (this) German precision!"

Family picture of the Cordeweners

Dave & Marc, sons of Günter

are German orthopedic shoemaker brothers, who successfully melt craftsmanship with style, using state of the art technology to build handmade custom orthotics and insoles of premium quality.

Together, they manage the family-owned medical supply stores “Cordewener” in Germany which, since 2018, have also opened shops in China. Marc and Dave pushed the family business in 4th generation to the next level and set new, unrivaled quality standards in their industry.

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was born and raised in Switzerland, later gained his Business degree at the University of Lucerne. After his career as a butterfly sprint swimmer in the Swiss national team, he graduated from the Swiss army service as a Special Forces Commander. 

Since his tough military training, he values high quality insoles explicitly. Having spent many years living in Los Angeles, his mothers’ hometown, he knows the American market well and is the finance expert in Ylamog.