When selecting your insoles or flip flops, you can choose from one of the scan options below. Detailed instructions are also included in your order confirmation.

  • Woman in jeans standing on foot scanner

    1. MAUI

    Get an appointment to meet Constantin on island for an in-person foot scan. Upon successful completion of your order, you will receive all details via email.

  • Cordewener store in Germany

    2. GERMANY

    Walk into any Cordewener store to get your feet scanned where our roots are.

    Find a store 
  • Illustration of man scanning his feet

    3. ONLINE

    Wherever you are, do your own foot scan using the latest app tech by Xesto. Attach your scan using the app clip or share your scans via email after completing your order.

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Order completed, but you still have questions about the scan? Would you like to switch to a different foot scanning option?

No worries, just reach out to us describing your case!